Intellificial is an authorized reseller for Conversation Design Institute (CDI) courses. CDI is the world’s leading training and certification institute for designing conversational interfaces.

Design better AI assistants with Conversation Design Institute’s workflow

Good conversation design helps you offer human centricity to chatbots/voice assistants. We have partnered with Conversation Design Institute for training and certification for designing AI Assistants. CDI’s online course teaches you a proven conversation design workflow that helps you master the skills you need to design, deploy and manage AI Assistants.

Intellificial Academy offers CDI courses at a discounted price and provides Enterprise training bundles for organisations.

CDI offers industry-recognized certification in Conversation Design


Conversation Design is the practice of making AI Assistants more helpful and natural when they talk with humans. It combines an understanding of technology, psychology, and language to create human-centric experiences for chatbots and voice assistants. Good conversation design helps you with a better user experience, increase in conversions, and higher completion.

Conversation Design Institute is the world’s leading training and certification institute for designing conversational interfaces. CDI's proven workflow is validated around the world and helps you to get the most out of your technology. Our community of graduates is creating AI Assistants that are collectively having more than 5 million conversations per day.

To design, deploy, and manage successful AI Assistants, you need more than just technology. It’s crucial to develop design capabilities. Companies that adopt a proven conversation design workflow, get better results from their AI Assistants, whether they be chatbots, voice assistants, or being integrated into IVR systems.

Within their workflow, there are lots of micro-skills that you will learn in their easy-to-understand course that is directly applicable to your AI project. Get certified at the end of the course to ensure the industry-wide quality of your skills.

You will learn to turn knowledge and business processes into human-centric flows, User Needs & Bot Needs Canvassing, Sample Dialogue, Flowcharting and hand-overs, Wizard of Oz Testing, Writing Fundamentals, and much more.

A human-centric workflow is crucial when designing AI Assistants. We don't just want to focus on developing and deploying technology, we want to understand who the people are that are going to interact with our conversational experiences. We want a balance between technology, psychology, and language. We want to understand what people say and we want people to feel understood.

Conversation Design Institute teaches a technology-agnostic voice-first approach to conversation design.
This means that you can apply their workflow to all conversational interfaces like chatbots and voice assistants, regardless of the technology you use.

Conversation Design Institute partners globally with universities, technology companies, enterprises, and leading conversation designers to keep programs and certifications relevant for years to come. This makes their workflow and certification recognized throughout the industry.

At Conversation Design Institute you get trained and certified in crucial roles in the Conversational AI industry. You can legitimate your new skill set with your proven certification and boost your career. This trusted certificate ensures quality across the industry so we can move forward together.

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Voice is the fastest adopted interface the world has ever seen. Organizations expect to automate 85% of their customer interactions in the next 5 years with chatbots and voice assistants.

This means that organizations around the world are going to need conversation designers to make their AI Assistants more helpful, natural, and persuasive. Just like you cannot imagine a company without engineers today, you cannot imagine a company without conversation designers 5 years from now. Conversation Design is the career of the future. Jump on board and start now.

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