As more organisations implement RPA, the demand for business analysts (BAs) who can manage RPA initiatives is increasing exponentially. Our RPA for Business Analysts Training Program is designed to help you build a successful career as RPA Business Analyst. The training program offers a comprehensive understanding of RPA business process analysis and hands-on experience with process discovery. The training program equips you with creating efficient automated solutions for the business.

RPA for Business Analysts Training Program

The global RPA market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38.2% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 30.85 billion by 2030. RPA technology is not only a cost-effective investment but also an accelerator for digital transformation in any organization.

RPA bots simply follow exact instructions that were provided to them by human operators in transforming a process . However, there is always an understanding gap between the business team and the technical team that leads to RPA failures. The organizations need competent BAs who can understand RPA capabilities and establish a coherent connection across all other teams to make the RPA journey successful.

Benefits of a skilled RPA business analyst for an organization:

  1. Gives the organization a head-start on automation by identifying the opportunities to make the workflow more efficient.
  2. Helps identify the business functions that stand to benefit the most from RPA.
  3. Develops the process definitions and maps necessary to ensure accurate, efficient, and scalable automation.
  4. Increases the chance of success in automation projects.
  5. Establishes procedures that maximize ROI.
  6. Mitigates common pitfalls that tend to occur in automation projects.

RPA business analyst is an excellent career path for anyone looking to advance their career in business or technology. As RPA Business analyst you will be analyzing business processes, and identifying those you can optimize throughout the RPA journey. It allows you to assist businesses in lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, and becoming more efficient.

Benefits of becoming a skilled RPA business analyst:

  1. A job that is recession-proof, belongs to cutting-edge technology, and is not overly technical but challenging.
  2. This is a high-demand and rewarding career with a median annual salary of more than $104,000 USD! The top 10% earn nearly $180,000 USD per year.
  3. This role involves working with all levels of management ensuring creativity to meet and exceed clients' expectations.
  4. At present, the role is still very early-stage, so it has low barriers to entry compared to other professions.
  5. This role can be a springboard to other jobs such as project manager, product manager and business architect.

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