Automation is a part of every organization today. Our Test Automation with Playwright training program will provide you with all the expertise and guidance needed to kick start your journey in the Automation field. You will begin your journey with learning basic JavaScript coding and then the course moves on to Playwright. You will create a UI/API framework on Playwright with a real time Banking application. The course ends with the participants getting to create a solid framework for UI/API automation that can be used in any organization.

Test Automation with Playwright

Playwright is a tool for testing web pages and automating web browsers. It is a Node.js library that allows you to write scripts to automate interactions with websites. You can use Playwright to write automated tests for your web applications, scrape web pages for data, or automate repetitive tasks on the web. 

  1. Playwright enables end to end testing for modern web apps. 

  1. Playwright supports all modern rendering engines including Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. 

  1. Supports cross platform testing 

  1. Playwright can be used with multiple languages such TypeScript, JavaScript, .Net and Java 

  1. Playwright also supports Mobile Web Testing 

  1. Playwright comes with auto wait capabilities so goodbye to tests failing due to wait issues 

  1. Playwright creates a browser context for each test. Browser context is equivalent to a brand-new browser profile. This delivers full test isolation with zero overhead. Creating a new browser context only takes a handful of milliseconds. 

  1. Save the authentication state of the context and reuse it in all the tests. This bypasses repetitive log-in operations in each test, yet delivers full isolation of independent tests. 

  1. Playwright comes with codegen tool that can generate the tests by recording user action. 

  1. Playwright also comes with Playwright Inspector that has advance debugging support 

Source: https://playwright.dev/ 

Benefits of UI Automation 

  • Automated UI Testing Saves Time 
  • Automated UI Testing Enables Faster Feedback 
  • Automated UI Testing Improves Accuracy 
  • Automated UI Testing Enables Bugs to Be Discovered More Quickly 

Benefits of API Automation 

  • Reducing testing costs 
  • Lowering the amount of technical debt you’re accruing 
  • Helping you eliminate defects when its easier, faster, and cheaper to do so 
  • Reduced risk and faster time to market 

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